Jesuit Ranger Blanket Wrap

  • $ 100.00
  • Save $ 20


Cold Weather, Wind, and Water Repellent Blanket/Poncho/Wrap

Never miss another game due to bad weather and there is no price to great for your comfort during those games! This is the perfect item for those cold, windy, and rainy game days.  

The Jesuit Ranger Wrap is so much more than a stadium blanket or a is BOTH. Water repellent outer shell and cozy fleece lining...complete with built-in mittens and hood. Zip yourself in and be totally protected from chilly wind and rain...all while looking great in Jesuit's team color. Even after zipping yourself in there is an opening to allow the use of your hands for your phone, camera, or beverage. This poncho/blanket fits over all your coats, sweatshirts, scarves gloves, bleacher seat, etc! 

Jesuit Rangers and Shield are a sewn on applique to make it a long lasting item that can be used for years to come. The wrap is completely washable. Just wash in warm water and hang dry. 

Color Note: The Jesuit Ranger Wrap comes with a navy fleece lining rather then the yellow shown in some of the pictures.